Fusion Body Art Face Paints – 32gr Prime Colours

Fusion Body Art has developed an exquisite water activated line of matte face painting colours using only the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients available in the industry. Combining FDA and EU approved pigments with other premium quality ingredients the Prime range has become a popular option for face and body painters around the world.

Fusion Body Art Prime colours are matte, yet bold and bright. They provide an outstanding coverage with just one layer, allowing for a soft and flexible finish that won’t make your skin feel tight or heavy. Fusion’s Prime colours are vibrant and perfect for base and line work. The large range of face paint colours available will for sure meet your every need as a professional or beginner face and body painter.

Browse through our collection of over 20 different matte colors, and don’t leave without trying our signature Fusion Body Art - Prime Magic Magenta and our amazing Fusion Body Art - Prime Magic Dark Blue. Last, but not least, if you are looking for the most advanced formula for white face paint, make sure to grab a Fusion Body Art – Prime Pro Paraffin White, this is our newest creation and it has revolutionized the face painting market since launched back in March 2020.

To use Fusion Body Art water activated Prime face paints simply get your face painting brush or sponge slightly wet and then go over a small area of the surface of your cake back and forward until the paint on the tip of your brush or sponge has a creamy consistency, you can also do this with a circular motion rather than back and forward motion. If you notice that you have a bit too much water on your cake keep moving the brush or sponge back and forward until the extra water mixes in with the paint to create that creamy consistency. Once your face painting brush is fully loaded go ahead and swipe your brush or tap your sponge over the skin or area to be painted.

To remove the face paint of your skin simply use soap and warm water. Using a sponge or soft cloth, add some soap and just a few drops of water (enough to activate the soap) and proceed to gently rub the skin until all pigments have been loosened. Then go ahead and rinse with warm water. Repeat one more time if necessary. If you are left with any stains then use some lotion or baby oil, let it set for a few minutes and wipe off. If you are still left with some pigmentation on your skin, wait until the next day. Normal sweat and skin shedding through the night should take care of it.