Fusion Body Art – Spectrum Face Painting & FX Palettes

Fusion Body Art Spectrum face painting and fx palettes are an original creation from the team behind Fusion Body Art. These face painting and fx palettes are made from a combination of small split cakes and/or solid or two coloured split cakes.

Fusion Body Art palettes are perfect for those looking to add a lot of color to their face painting kit without taking too much space. These palettes are also great as face painting kits for: travel, emergency, practice or for walk around gigs.

Fusion has teamed up with Leanne Courtney and with Santi and Anna from JestPaint to create some of these palettes and the results are incredible! Colourful and very handy face painting and fx palettes that will make your work as a professional face painter a lot easier. Fusion Spectrum palettes come in many different forms to fulfill the needs of beginner and professional artists and parents looking for something to do with their kids. You can try our sampler face painting palette if you are just getting started or want to use it as a gift or try our Carnival Face Painting Kit and use it for your next fund raising event or walk around gig. The possibilities are endless with Fusion Body Art Spectrum Palettes.