How to Face Paint with Fusion Body Art Face Paints – Advice for Parents and Beginner Face Painters

If you are just getting started with face painting and you are a beginner artist looking into becoming a professional face painter,

If you are just getting started with face painting and you are a beginner artist looking into becoming a professional face painter, or if you are a parent or an adult buying a face painting kit to use with your kids to have fun with, or if you are someone just looking to buy some face paints for a costume party, rave festival or Halloween event, this blog post will help you understand the basics of how to activate face paints and how to apply them.

We will go over more detailed things like painting a great looking design, learning how to best use your brushes and learning how to use split cakes in future posts, but as of right now, let’s get the basic face painting facts and techniques down.

What are the Basic Face Painting Supplies I Need to Get Started 

Here is a list of basic face painting supplies you will need to learn how to face paint:

  1. A face painting palette with some basic solid colours.
  2. A round brush and a flat brush. You can use ones bought at art stores, just make sure they have thin synthetic bristles (like white or golden taklon brushes).
  3. A face painting sponge.
  4. A cup with water.
  5. A paper napkin or towel.
  6. A surface to paint on: your own skin, another person or even magazine cut outs of faces.

Where Can I Get Safe Face Painting Supplies

Here at Fusion Body Art we have a face paint store filled with safe face painting supplies for all of you looking to learn how to face paint. If you are not in Australia, then you can search on Google for our brand name and find a local supplier.

Keep in mind that it is always best to buy your face painting supplies from professional face paint store as they are the ones that know these products best and will make sure to supply you with safe face paints.

How do I Activate Fusion Body Art Water Based Face Paints

To activate any kind of water-based face paints all you need is water. Start by dipping the tip of your face painting brush or sponge in the water making sure that only the tip gets wet and wiping any excess water against the edge of your water container. Then, start rubbing the brush or sponge against the surface of the makeup going back and forward until you get a nice creamy consistency. That is, it! Your face paint has been activated, now we need to get painting.

Never spray water directly over your face paints, always use your brush or sponge to activate them. Spraying water directly on your paints can cause them to become too soft due to over saturation with water.

How to Face Paint Using Fusion Body Art Face Paints

Now that your Fusion Body Art face paint is fully activated you can start swiping your brush back and forward over the skin, or patting your sponge gently on the skin. Always make sure that your brush or sponge are not dripping water, if they are, either load for a bit longer so you can mix in the extra water with the paint, or tap your sponge or brush against a dry towel so that it absorbs the extra water and then you can apply it to the skin without any dripping.

How to Remove or Wash off Fusion Body Art Water Based Face Paints

The best way to remove any water activated face paint is by using regular soap and water. Start by getting a soft sponge or cloth slightly wet and add some soap to it. Now, very gently, start rubbing the face paint off. The main goal right now is to lift all of the pigments off the skin. Once you have done that you can proceed to rinse the face paint with warm water. Make sure to always do the soapy cloth or sponge first and then rinse with water. If you apply water first, you might end up with some temporary stains. You can repeat the process twice, always making sure to be gentle so that you don’t hurt the skin.

Different skin types react differently to each colour, some might get slightly stained by greens, while others might do it with blues, etc. Also, different areas of your skin will react different. Areas where your skin is slightly drier than others will tend to stain more. Also, your fingertips can stain a lot easier than your forehead would.

If by any chance any stains are left, apply a little bit of lotion or baby oil and let it rest for a few minutes and then remove it with a tissue. In the very odd case that you are still left with any faint stains, just wait until next day since regular sweating and skin shedding will take care of that naturally.

How to Clean my Face Painting Palette After Using It

Once you are done for the day, we suggest using a clean sponge with clean water and getting your sponge very slightly wet and rubbing the surface of the used colours once over. If you avoid double dipping into your cakes, then you don’t have to worry about wiping them down at the end of the day.

How to Store my Face Painting Palette

Before you set your face painting palette aside, please make sure that the paint is completely dry. If they are not dry, then keep it open in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or direct heat sources, in a dry place and away from any potential contaminants (food, dust, pet hair, etc.). Once the paints are dry, close your palette and store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Do not refrigerate.

What Can I do if my Face Paints Get Too Soft

In the odd case that your face paints become too soft, all you have to do is let them dry out. This happens when you have used too much water to activate your face paints. It is a common mistake when you are just learning how to face paint. It can also happen if you leave them exposed to heat or direct sunlight since they are made with ingredients that can melt over a certain temperature. Make sure to never leave your face paints inside a car since cars can get very hot and completely melt your face paints.

How to Keep my Face Painting Sanitary

When you are learning how to face paint it is very important to learn how to keep face painting sanitary, it is always best to never double dip a brush or sponge in the paint after it has touched the skin, and never load a brush with the same water you used to rinse your dirty brushes. Here are a few tips:

  1. Once you have loaded your brush or sponge with paint and painted the skin, do not go back to get more paint with the same brush or sponge as you could transfer germs, bacteria or viruses from the skin to the paint. If you need more paint grab a new brush or sponge, load it with fresh water and load the paint as needed.
  2. Do not load your brushes and sponges with the same water you used to rinse your dirty brushes and sponges.
  3. Use one sponge per kid per load, then toss them in a bag. You can wash your sponges with soap and dry them using your clothes dryer.
  4. Use one brush per load, then rinse with soapy water and dip in 70% alcohol and let it dry off. Once they are dry you can re-use them. In order to be able to paint at a large event you will need to have several brushes and sponges so that you can do this.

Keep in mind these are considered best practices, if you are just using your kit at home, you can choose what you think is best.

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Thank you so much for reading and have fun face painting!

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